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Curing Oven

MV International is a reliable manufacturer of curing oven, an industrial oven that when a specific temperature reaches trigger a chemical reaction in the material. Curing is a chemical or physical process that prepares or finishes the material. The curing oven offered can be employed for curing a coating, adhesive or any product. This oven can be selected based on the product to be cured, for instance epoxy, composite, garment, polyurethane, lacquer and rubber. The chemical reaction accelerated by the oven improve the material strength and durability. This oven can increase the product temperature within or above specific limit.

Key Points:
  • Our curing oven can be purchased for several applications.
  • Curing can improve product's mechanical characteristics.
  • In order to achieve a required reaction, it is possible to introduce one or more catalyzing agents into the curing oven.
  • This oven is imperative during the engineering of rubber, synthetic adhesives and other raw material.