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Tray Oven

MV International produces tray drying oven and stainless steel tray oven in our factory located in Bahadurgarh (Haryana, India). Food, pharmaceutical and many other industries use this oven for drying several items. The dryer removes water content efficiently. The design and the working principle of this oven is similar to lab oven. The models available under this category many be segregated based on the size and shape. The main part of the tray oven are chamber and floor, trays of exact size of oven are loaded with products in designated sections, one above another with fixed spacing in between. The spacing is essential for allowing the air to be circulated through the products and stability in drying can be achieved.

Key Points:
  • Tray oven has insulated walls to maintain a favorable temperature for heating and drying.
  • Customers are free to select between the two models and can be ensured to benefit in terms of cost and productivity.
  • At fixed intervals, heat waves are passed through the stacked trays.
  • The water content in the products evaporate and vapors are carried upwards by air circulating through the oven.