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Ageing Oven

MV International, a 1989 established manufacturing company produces industrial ovens for several industrial sectors for the purpose of baking, drying, curing or sterilization. Ageing oven is one industrial oven that is used in certain product development and testing. Hot air ageing oven and aluminium ageing oven are two ageing ovens used for baking purpose. This ageing oven can also be used by the development team to artificially age the products to learn their reaction over time to age. This process of creating condition as natural wear and tear of age is carried out to modify and improve the product, if necessary. Industries can select the ageing oven based on the size, model, products, intended use and industry parameters.

Key Points:
  • This oven is batch oven, which processes products in batches.
  • It can stimulate the ageing process by speeding the ageing process artificially.
  • Its work is to generate temperature and condition which can speed the product ageing process.
  • Technicians in several industries age the sample to perform several tests.