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Flux Heating Ovens

MV International is a Bahadurgarh (Haryana, India) based manufacturing company that manufactures 300 kg flux holding oven, 200 kg flux baking oven, 300 kg flux heating oven and other models of flux heating ovens. This kind of oven is utilized for reducing moisture content in flux, eliminating hydrogen assisted cracking in high yield steels, achieving uniform flux heating,  and accurately controlling temperature over varied temperature ranges. Compared to other industrial ovens, flux heating ovens are lighter in weight. Different flux types storage and drying is possible with incorporation of two or more individual hoppers in the oven. Each oven can be identified based on the technical features, like electrode capacity, temperature range. Temperature controller, insulation, trays, air circulation, etc.

Key Points:
  • Flux is stored and handled using trays.
  • These ovens can treat flux of different grades.
  • The uniform temperature is maintained and faster drying is promoted by forced air circulation.
  • The ovens save labor and time to handle flux.