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Gas Fired Oven

Whether you application is dehydration, paint drying, powder curing, paint baking, varnish coat baking, plastic paint drying or any other, the best bet to accomplish is using gas fired oven. MV International in Bahadurgarh (Haryana, India) based unit produces direct gas fired oven and gas fired continuous oven. This oven, as the very name implies, run on gas lines or tanks. It is must for the companies planning to install this system to have one of those for supply of gas. Compared to electric industrial oven, gas fired oven can reach high temperature more quickly, making it possible to quickly bring products to high temperature.

Key Points:
  • It can be installed with ease, following the installation instructions.
  • There is a fan for hot air circulation.
  • This oven is insulated for minimum heat loss.
  • It delivers high efficiency and outputs by saving significant energy.