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Paint Booth

MV International is addressing production requirements of several manufacturing company by supplying them paint booth for painting and spray coating a variety of products. This industrial equipment is designed and developed to meet the requirements regarding size, capability, production rate, finish and safety. There are several kinds of paint booths we make available to our customers, such as powder coating booth, water wash paint booth, dry paint booth, down draft paint booth and side draft paint booth. This equipment operates while complying with regulations and codes. This booth allows to conduct the painting job within an enclosed environment, ensuring the safety of employees and facility.

Key Points:
  • This industrial equipment can be utilized to achieve high quality finishes for the products.
  • It is best equipment to conduct spray painting and coating.
  • This equipment must be selected based on the type and size of the product to be painted.
  • Customers can select right equipment for applications, like parts, metal fabrication, steel construction, heavy equipment, vehicles, etc.