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Powder Coating Oven

Selecting an oven that best fits a particular application is based on several factors, for instance product size, product thickness, type of powder, composition of material, operating cost, etc. The powder coated by powder coating oven needs to be cured or hardened. Our company, MV International provides properly designed and developed powder coating oven to obtain a quality finished product. The heat transferred by the oven to the powder material transforms it to a solid thermosetting finish. This transformation is possible because a thermally reactive powder material is used, which changes by the application of heat. There are several types of ovens we bring forward to choose from, for instance Industrial Powder Coating Oven, PTFE Coating Oven, Dacromet Coating Oven and Geomet Coating Oven.

Key Points:
  • It is essential that flow of air is proper in the oven and that is what our powder coating oven does.
  • In order to reach to all parts, it distributes heat uniformly.
  • It prevents contamination to enter the heated air space.
  • Operator can set the total heating time.